From time to time, we will make several resources available through this page to help you and your child in different areas of schooling, parenting, and counseling. Please check this page with frequency for new additions and updates.

School Family ( Your go-to guide for school success)
Mom’s Notes and many other resource and devotional books
School Family
J & C Ministries L. C.
(319) 754-5749 is a website of safe math games for your kids
Your Story Hour Audio Series (Bible Adventures,
True Life Adventures, etc.)
Christian Family Services
(800) 543-3567
 Audio tapes that cover relevant family issues and articles
from birth through the teen years
Christian Family Heritage
(573) 754-4953
Provides resources and encouragement for those who struggle


U.S. Department of Education. (2002). Homework Tips for Parents. (Disponible en el sitio en la Red del departamento:

The Starving Soul

 Access to a wide variety of Christian Books Christian Children’s Books