COVID-19 Safety

In response to the novel Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, Star Christian School and Child Care Center has developed a Covid 19 safety plan.
This safety plan relies on common understanding of a “multiple barrier approach” to reduce exposure and transmission of the Covid 19 virus.
All activities are consistent with and will adjust to changing applicable to the state and local health orders.

Barriers Include:

  • Health and safety practices and protocols in place, including hand washing, appropriate face coverings, and access to essential protective equipment.
  • Training is provided to all staff and students reinforcing the importance of health and safety practices and protocols.
  • Plans are implemented for intensified cleaning and disinfecting, including training for staff and access to cleaning supplies and essential protective equipment and regular disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces.
  • Daily health screening for students are conducted at the assigned entrance gate including taking student temperatures . Staff are to provide a daily health affirmation each work day by completing a form managed by the office.
  • Staff and students who are sick are expected to stay home.
  • School will cooperate with public health to support testing strategies to mitigate transmission of Covid 19, upon request.
  • Protocols, actions, and templates are in place for the following Covid 19 related scenarios.
    • A student or staff member either exhibits Covid 19 symptoms , answers yes to health screening questions or has a temperature of 100.4 or above.
    • A family member or someone in close contact with a student or staff member test positive for Covid 19 .
    • A student or Staff member tests positive for Covid 19.
    • A student or staff member test negative for Covid 19 after any of the reasons in the above scenarios.
  • Where practical , physical distancing of six feet is maintained between adults and students; four to six feet distance is permissible between students within a classroom or instructional area where requirements herein are in practice.
  • For elementary, stable classroom cohorts are maintained throughout each school day, and through each quarter or semester, with an assigned primary cohort teacher, and systems are in place to prevent the mixing of classroom cohorts.